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Wayne and Terina Williams


Wayne Williams is the former President and CEO of Telect, Inc., a privately-owned, global manufacturer of communications equipment for 35 years until the sale to Amphenol (APH) NYSE on July 5, 2017.  Headquarters and manufacturing remain in Liberty Lake, Washington and manufacturing in Guadalajara, Mexico, the company sells worldwide through direct channels, distributors and OEM partners.  On October 18, 2018, Spencer Willams became the General Manager for Amphenol Telect - continuing a 3rd generation of Leadership.

Wayne, an entrepreneur and developer, has a passion for growth and development inside and outside of Telect, fueled by his love of people and knowledge. Wayne has been a part of Telect since its founding in 1982.  Throughout his 33-year career at Telect, he has earned four patents, two of which earned in excess of $1 billion in revenue. 

In 1997, Wayne, along with his parents, Bill and Judi Williams, was named Ernst & Young’s Northwest Entrepreneur of the Year.  He is a graduate of Harvard Business School’s Owner/President Management Program.  Wayne and his wife, Terina, have three children and dedicate time to business, family, marriage, and ministry outreach. Wayne and Terina, along with his parents, founded Grabbing Gears, LLC to assist in the mentoring and financial fueling of area business start-ups.  Wayne frequently speaks on the topic of “Grab Another Gear” – guiding entrepreneurs, business leaders, and individuals in succession planning and to look past economists and media, quit coasting, and initiate change. 


Wayne enjoys staying involved and giving back to the local community and in business.  He held a seat on the Whitworth University Board of Trustees from 2005 to 2011 and was an influencer in the development of the School of Global Commerce and Management. The program’s coursework emphasizes an international focus of Whitworth’s undergraduate and graduate programs in business and management, along with a significant entrepreneurship component based on practical application experiences. In 2009, Wayne joined the Board of Directors for Etailz, a local start-up in online commerce.  He remains an active Board member for the Washington Policy Center and is a long-time member of the YPO/WPO Pacific Northwest Chapter, allowing him to stay connected to other CEOs throughout Washington and the U.S. Wayne and Terina Williams are both involved in The Townsend Leadership Program and in training to become regional directors. Wayne is a Fellow at The Townsend Leadership Institute


From selling praying mantises at age five, to raising a cow named Lucky (not so) and selling it to his 5th grade teacher for $156, to starting a fly fishing shop at age 12, and being part of Telect since the beginning, Wayne has risk, innovation, and entrepreneurship in his blood. Throughout his nearly 35-year career at Telect, Wayne has earned four patents, two of which have sold over $1 billion in revenue, with numerous other inventions and products from these patents generating additional revenue. Along with his parents, Bill and Judi Williams, Wayne was named Ernst & Young’s 1997 Northwest Entrepreneur of the Year. He is a graduate of Harvard Business School’s Owner/President Management Program. Wayne and his wife, Terina, have three adult children and dedicate time to business, family, marriage, and ministry outreach.

As the son of Telect's founders, Wayne started with the company on day one. He later led Telect as Vice President of Sales, Marketing, and Product Development, then as President and CEO.  Telect took a wild ride of unbelievable growth in the pre-dot com bust years with 2,400 employees, $275 million revenue, and nearing an IPO in 2000. The subsequent 24-month unwinding and saving of a business that hit a low of 500 employees and $60 million is a story he often shares, emphasizing the tough lessons learned. Wayne credits his faith, trust, and a great team of people for not only migrating the business through a time of survival, but also creating a new and vibrant rebirth in a rapidly growing market.  This compilation is meant to credit and discuss management, mentoring, and ministry moments that should help anyone grow and succeed in a career. It will help those see where endurance, tempering, and risk preference can come to take steps of faith each and every day. 


Every morning for two and half years, I got up and wrote a devotion to Jesus Christ. This discipline was amazing, and I was blessed to have 170 people following the daily e-mail. I was met with frustration with e-mail connectivity and also the idea that doing something repetitively was almost like a religion in itself. I believe that my yielding to Jesus Christ for control of my life is everything. It gives me strength, and devotion to Him always fills my soul. As a leader in private business, not only can you be persecuted for your belief in Jesus, but you can even find that the church sees you as tainted because money and man can be placed before Him. 

The Ministry area of this site is intended to instill devotion, change, reflection, and growth in you. My prayer is that we all discover His love and His prayer for our lives.  Wayne is an Elder of Valley Real Life Church in the Spokane Valley -

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Wayne Williams shares on Life’s Legacy and Succession Planning

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Wayne Williams discusses turning personal, family and business Scars into Stars and the learnings that can be applied to growth. He challenges men to be vulnerable and seek other men in their life team or pit crew to hold accountable, speak into their lives, and be strength.

Scars into Stars

Wayne Williams at the Mens Business Forum in January 2017 :: Kroc Center - CDA, Idaho

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